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Infusion Center

Infusion is a procedure that delivers fluids directly into the blood stream via I.V. Many medications may be delivered through infusion. Our infusion center delivers medications for the treatment of rheumatologic, gastroenterological and other conditions. The services are provided in a comfortable setting with specialty staff in attendance.


Our facility provides extensive laboratory services, either on site or through various lab partners. For your convenience, we can collect specimens in our primary clinic, regardless of where the specimen is actually processed.



An EKG is a test designed to check for signs of heart disease. It measures the electrical activity of your heart through small electrode patches that attach to the skin of your chest, arms and legs. EKG’s are quick and painless. The allow your physician to check your heart rhythm, see if you have poor blood flow to your heart muscle, diagnose a heart attack and check for other abnormalities such as a thickened heart muscle.

Laser Treatment for nails

Toe nail fungus infections are very common. They may also be difficult to treat. Until recently, the most common treatment for toenail fungus was taking medication. These medications might cause liver toxicity and other side effects, and therefore require periodic blood tests. New technology in the form of lasers provides a quicker and safer alternative.

Depression Screening

Depression is a serious condition that often goes undetected. Depression is a treatable condition. We offer screening tests that can help identify the symptoms and lead to treatment.


Allergies affect a huge number of people. The first step to an effective treatment is to find out what allergies affect you. Through our allergy center, we offer testing to identify a vast array of different allergens. We also offer treatment that can help eliminate the allergy and improve your quality of life.

Annual Wellness Visits

El Paso Integrated Physicians Group offers Annual Wellness visits. While most visits to a doctor are driven by the need to address a specific condition, an Annual Wellness Visit is focused on prevention. During the visit, a personalized plan will be developed to help prevent illness, based upon your current health and risk factors.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a healthcare specialty that focuses on the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of individuals with limitations in functional mobility. Services may be provided by physical therapists or physical therapy assistants. They are trained to assess and/or treat your condition to help you regain maximal functional mobility and independence.
Physical therapy entails the use of a variety of treatment modalities and techniques to help you move better and feel better. Treatment is personalized to match the needs and limitations of the individual. Choosing physical therapy has been shown to aid in a more rapid and safe recovery, and it can save you money due to decreased overall healthcare costs.

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